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The goal is to bring America together," King told reporters. Lewis did not mention Trump in a speech in Miami about the civil rights struggle to honor King, who would have turned 88 on Sunday, but he urged young black Americans to consider voting a "sacred" act. "We all must become participants in the democratic process. When you get old enough to register to vote, go and register and vote," Lewis said in a half-hour address. Gunfire during Miami holiday festivities wounded eight people ages 11 to 30 at Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Park, police said. Two people were detained and two weapons seized, and the cause of the shooting is under investigation. RUSSIAN MEDDLING The Trump-Lewis exchange began when Lewis told NBC News in segments of an interview released on Friday that he would not attend Trump's inauguration in part because "I don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president." He referred to the findings of U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia used hacking and other methods to try to help Trump, a Republican, defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 election. Trump was withering in his response the following day, saying in tweets that Lewis, a revered figure who risked his life for civil rights, was "All talk, talk, talk - no action or results." While many Democrats and Republicans said they disagreed with Lewis, they also questioned Trump's decision to denigrate an African-American political leader of Lewis' stature, especially over the Martin Luther King Jr weekend.

However, there are strict reporting requirements for winnings that meet these thresholds: $600 or more at a track, provided that amount is at least 300 times your bet $1,200 or more from a bingo game or slot machine $1,500 or more in winnings from keno $5,000 or more from a poker tournament Now the good news is that unlike income taxes, gambling winnings aren't subject to a progressive tax. This means that you'll pay the IRS the same percentage on $5,000 in winnings as you would on $100,000 in winnings. Generally, if your winnings meet or exceed the above thresholds, the casino or establishment in question will withhold 25% of your winnings in taxes before paying you your share. If that's the case, you should receive a Form W2-G summarizing each payment or transaction. Not all gambling winnings, however, are subject to Form W2-G, even if they do meet or exceed the aforementioned limits. Winnings for table games like craps, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat don't require a Form W2-G, but this doesn't mean you're exempt from paying taxes on them. Rather, you'll need to prepare to pay those taxes yourself when you file your return. Furthermore, in addition to paying federal taxes on gambling winnings, you may be required to pay state taxes as well. Each state has its own distinct set of rules for taxing gambling winnings, so be sure to pay attention to local requirements when filing your taxes. Deducting losses from winnings Just as you can use investment losses to offset gains, so too can you write off gambling losses.

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Sen. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, (right), is pushing through a major gambling bill that would allow slots machines in Miami-Dade, helping a former client of his, Turnberry Associates, which owns the inconic Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach. Galvano acknowledged to the Associated Press that he did legal work for Turnberry three years ago, but said that didn One of the lobbyists representing Turnberry is Michael Corcoran, the brother of current House Speaker Richard Corcoran. Galvano last week released a major gambling bill that covers everything from legalizing fantasy sports to allowing the Seminole Tribe of Florida to offer craps and roulette at its casinos. The legislation also would allow the addition of slot machines in Miami-Dade County. Galvano earlier this month said he has no plans to work again for Turnberry, insisting his past work was not influencing how he crafted the bill. "The reality is whatever is in that bill is going to be what I believe is the best path for the state of Florida," Galvano said. "And my legal work has no impact on it." Galvano has become one of the most important legislators on gambling. While in the House, he was instrumental in shaping a 2010 deal with the Seminole Tribe that granted it the right to offer blackjack at most of its casinos and gave the tribe a monopoly on slot machines outside of South Florida. The state has collected nearly $1.7 billion from the tribe as a result. But the blackjack provision expired in 2015. The Florida Legislature rejected a new, larger deal negotiated by Gov.

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